Energy healer Terhi Hinkka, Helsinki

I am an empathetic and a reliable energy healer and social worker. I also teach energy healing.

I do different energy healing techniques and different kinds of treatments. I do Reiki, healing and BodyMind Energy Balancing Method. BodyMind Energy Balancing Method is a combination of dozens of energy healing and related techniques.

You can choose from: Reiki, intuitive energy healing, full body alignment through energy, chakra energy healing, intuitive reading, EFT tapping (emotion freedom technique), Indian head massage and ayurvedic face and head massage.

Come and feel the renewing power of energy healing and other treatments!

Energy healer Terhi Hinkka/ I have a reception in Helsinki at Uudenmaankatu 33, Punavuori and Korppaanmäentie 30 B 20, Pikku-Huopalahti. At Uudenmaankatu 33 I work on even Tuesdays.

You can book a time by booking system (in Finnish) or by telephone or e-mail. Telephone: 050-3446673, e-mail: [email protected] .

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Watch a video. Energy healer Terhi tells about her work (in Finnish).